Monday, March 23, 2009

The best laid plans...

Okay, so I had full intentions of going on a 7-8 mile walk this weekend with my friend Sue. (I think you can see where this is heading.) I don't feel too badly about missing it because I have been really good lately, and we still haven't reached the 16 week mark. When you do the 3Day they send you a handbook, you know, the one that I told you is emblazoned with my photograph? Well, in this handbook there are 2 training schedules--a 24 week one and a 16 week one. Last year I did the longer of the two, and I was so done with walking by the time August came. Granted, this year the walk is almost one month earlier, but I keep convincing myself that I will be fine. Last year, I was more than prepared and sailed through the 3 days with the exception of my blisters caused by the torrential downpours on the first day. This year, I will be bringing my own supply of moleskin, second skin, and powder. Other than my feet screaming, "Are you on crack?!?!" I felt really well. As you can see from my photo, I was even able to smile. This was on day 3 in Quincy. (I am with two of my teammates, Mary, on the left, and Sue on the right.) So now that I know what to expect, I have started to train a little more slowly this time. I know that I can go out and walk 10-15 miles no problem; its the other 45-50 miles that concern me. I walked 3 times last week and of course did my Wii Fit every day. Again, it is the weather. 30 degrees today! Are you kidding me? Once it consistently stays warm I anticipate being out there almost every day.

So like I said, I planned to walk 7-8 miles yesterday. The reason I didn't wasn't because of the freak snow squalls at my house, or the fact that we had an impromptu visit from two of Andy's brothers. No, Tara is completely to blame, well her husband Woody too. Tara is my sorority sister (AXO), roommate, and best friend from college. She had to go out and turn 40 on Saturday (Happy Bday, Sis!) and her husband had to throw her a rockin good time including a pimped out party bus, Chinese food, the "king pin suite" at the bowling alley, and after hours at their house! (Did I mention he also gave her a trip to Ireland?) After an evening this exciting, dancing in the kitchen til 2AM, I was hardly ready to get out of bed and shower, never mind walk 7 miles. Needless to say, my day consisted of visiting with family and napping on the couch.

So in terms of my social life, this is probably the last you will hear of it. I really don't have one. Looking at my most recent posts, one would think I am a socialite; however, those are pretty much the only 2 times I have been out in the last year. I usually spend most of my week working and driving in my car, so that when the weekend comes, I am ready to chillax, to quote my six year olds.

Thanks again to everyone who has donated. I will continue to keep you all posted. I am almost at the $2000 mark! I can train until I look like a supermodel, but I couldn't do this walk without all of you. You are the best!

Ta-ta for now!

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  1. Glad to know I am not the only one too busy to blog! I will try to post today. I love your counter! I had my 100 days wrong (I figured that out when I did the 16 week math - ha!) Anyhooo...just wanted to tell you again that I am glad we are doing this together! You're the best!

    xo - T