Monday, April 6, 2009


So Sunday was the 16-Week 3Day Kick-off event. Can you believe it is only 4 months away? I can't. Last year I didn't do this event, but this year Trace and I decided it would be a good way to walk together. Sometimes Framingham and Amesbury seem on opposite ends of the universe.

We met at New Balance in Burlington at 7:45AM for a 3 mile training walk. There were probably about 25-30 other people there. It was the first time Tracy and I were able to walk together. When you do something like this you get kind of nervous--what if she is a really fast walker? what if she is really slow? what if she babbles on about nothing? Knowing Tracy I figured we would have good conversation. Although we are best friends, we really don't get to talk too much. When we do talk, it is on the phone, and we are usually talking about something school related. It was the speed I was unsure of. Well, we started out and we both felt great. I got to hear about the kids, and we didn't huff and puff too much on the hills. I almost think this training walk had more hills than the entire 3Day last year. I feel that we made a great pair. Our speed was very comparable, and we got to catch up about our families.

After the first walk there was a shoe fitting clinic and New Balance was open just for us. We both bought the cutest t-shirt. We'll be sure to post a photo when we wear them. The initial plan was to look for sneakers. One of Tracy's feet has been bothering her a bit, but of course we saw an adorable pair of sandals. Who knew that New Balance made something other than sneakers? Of course they were $140, so they were out for us. We didn't end up finding sneakers, so we just went to get ready for the next walk.

At around 10AM we did a second 3 mile walk. There were only a few of us who did both. We were pretty proud of ourselves. As we started out, Tracy decided she would start blogging. I warned her that she would get scolded. I knew from last year that these training walk leaders were hard-core. She's walking along thinking she's all that. Then the leader turns around. Sure enough--busted! The leader stops everyone and gives the big "safety" lecture--thanks Trace! I always knew that she was a trouble-maker.

The rest of the walk was uneventful, but we did decide that we would be getting together to walk again after the 3Day Expo, Sunday April26th. I am looking forward to it. If Tracy acts up again, I may just have to demote her as co-captain. LOL

Ta-ta for now!

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  1. Crap! I forgot about the captain thing. I will try to be on my best behavior, which basically means that I will likely get in trouble again.

    Glad I wasn't too fast or too slow, Goldilocks, but I am pretty sure that I did babble on a little bit. What I love hearing is you sharing stories about last year - even if you are sharing them with the other walkers and they are ones I heard before. I am not done being proud of you!

    I'm off to plan more ways to get in trouble...

    xo -T