Friday, April 24, 2009


As most of you can assume, some of the best perks of being a teacher are the vacations--Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter, and Spring breaks. Ask my brother-in-law, Dave, he will tell you all about the fact that Andy and I are constantly on vacation; however, I do believe he is at the Cape this week as well. Seriously though, there is no better profession to have when it comes to having kids.

This vacation, like many of the others, has been exciting for us. Some highlights include:

I went to the Sox game with Andy, Maddie and Mia. Every year on Opening Day, my very generous father-in-law gives Zach 4 tickets to the Red Sox. This year was our 4th time going--me, Andy, my dad, and Zach. Well, the girls have finally caught on and have started to ask Grandpa Stan where their tickets are. Since Stan only has 4 tickets, we have to pick and choose who gets to go to the game. This past Sunday, it was the girls' turn. It was a great game with Lester pitching, and the girls seemed to enjoy themselves; they ate s bunch of junk food and got to ride the T as well. The best part was when they announced that all children would be able to run the bases after the game. As excited as I was for the girls, my heart dropped. This would be Zach's dream. At the top of the the 9th, (the Sox were winning) we lined up on the Lower Concourse. After the game ended, they filed us out through center field onto the warning track. We walked along past the Sox dugout, and then they split adults and kids up. Unfortunately, adults didn't get to run the bases. I think Andy was secretly disappointed, as was Zach, but they both handled it well, Zach realizing that Maddie and Mia will probably never get to Opening Day as long as he is around.

We bought a new car--a 2009 Ford Focus. Our commuter car was definitely on its way out and we needed something with good gas mileage, that wasn't too expensive. After researching several cars, we ended up with the Focus; it was the best value for our money. The kids are very excited that we no longer have the "old-fashioned car." We really don't know how it got that name because it was a 2003. It really wasn't old. Anyway, we love our new car.

My daughters are not allowed to have a sleepover EVER AGAIN! I'm sure many of you parents have said this before. I don't know why I do it to myself. Those of you who know my girls, know that they are good kids. I am not bragging, but they really are. They are kind, friendly, and never get into trouble. However, they turn into to very different little people the day after a sleep over. During the sleepover, they are well behaved, good listeners who have a ton of fun. This time it wasn't like they went to bed exceptionally late or got up way too early. I think it is just the excitement of it all. Yesterday I think Maddie cried 16 times between 1-5:30PM and Mia cried about 10. It was a lovely day in the Ziomek household.

One of my favorite things about Spring vacation is the weather. This week hasn't been too bad weather wise, except for the freezing cold, whipping wind at Zach's baseball game last night. The good thing is that I have been able to do a lot of walking. I have walked about 16 miles this week and plan to do 6-8 miles on Saturday and Sunday. Trace and I are getting together on Sunday for the 3Day Expo and are excited to walk again.

On Monday I was able to walk with my friend Melissa. Melissa and I have never walked together before, so I didn't know what to expect. Melissa is in phenomenal shape and works out all the time. (Are you starting to see a pattern with my friends? Why didn't I get the fitness gene?) We decided we would go about 5 miles. As soon as we started off, I knew I was in for it. I generally walk at a pretty good pace, about 4 miles/hour. In the beginning, I could barely keep up with her. I had know idea how I would make it 5 miles. Fortunately I got my groove on and we went almost 7! It was great. Thanks Andy for watching all the girls!

This morning we are off to the park to enjoy the good weather, and tomorrow we will be up early for Little League Opening Day. (Who has a parade at 7AM other than Amesbury?) Other than that, we plan to bask in the sunshine as much as we can before it's back to work on Monday.

TA-TA for now!

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