Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Video Games Aren't Just for Kids

I am so excited that the weather is continually getting nicer; the only problem is that baseball is starting, and it tends to be more difficult to find time to walk between gymnastics, practices, and games. If you know anything about my family, especially the Ziomek side, you understand the importance of baseball. If your last name is Ziomek, you NO QUESTION, MUST, ABSOLUTELY, HAVE TO play baseball. My father-in-law has been the President of the Amherst Little League for over 50 years, if you can believe that! I, like the rest of my family, do love baseball, it just makes training a little more difficult, but I think I may have found a solution.

Last weekend our family went over to Sue and Cliff's house for yummy food (Sue is a great cook) and thirst quenching libations (Cliff is a great wine connoisseur). Sue and Cliff are our former neighbors, and Sue was a Tough Warrior Princess with me last year on the 3Day. Sue loves to workout, do yoga, and she is a great walking buddy. After dinner, the kids started playing Wii. We have Wii at home, but we do not have the balance board or Wii Fit (something that Zach has been saving up for). Cliff and Zach came up with the brilliant idea that Sue and I should box. That would be a sight to see! What we did do however, was play Wii Fit. Everyone was taking turns, and before you knew it, it was almost 11:00! We had so much fun! Thanks Cliff and Sue! As I said earlier, Cliff knows his wine, so when Zach caught Andy and me in a weak moment and asked, "Can we buy Wii Fit?" Both of us immediately replied, "Sure, we'll go get it in the morning."

Understanding the importance of following through on what you say (doesn't that usually just have to do with punishments?), on Sunday morning it was off to Toys R Us to find it. Luckily for us they had a few in stock. I guess it can be difficult to find. We brought it home, and surprised Zach when he got home from a birthday party. Since purchasing it my only concern has been, will the kids be able to share and take turns? Anyone with kids knows how trying this concept can be. Well, fortunately it really hasn't been an issue because Mommy wanting to use the Wii Fit trumps everyone else! I have been using it daily and I must say that I am quite the hula hooper! I never thought that using a hula hoop would be such great exercise. My butt and thighs are really feeling it. It has been great for me to get a few minutes in, here and there, while I'm cooking dinner, or before PTA. Believe me, it has not taken the place of a good 4 or 5 mile walk (which I did on Sunday). It is just being used to supplement my daily training.

Anywho, it is beautiful today, so the plan is to get out there for a few miles after school. Wish me luck!

Ta-ta for now!

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