Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tents, T-Shirts, and Ten Miles

What a fun day yesterday! I had hoped to write this blog last night, but really needed to spend some time with Andy--it was our 11th anniversary, and I unfortunately was gone the entire day. He is such a great guy--he completely understood that what I was doing was really important to me.

I got up early yesterday, much earlier than I have been, and made the trek down to Framingham to Tracy's. We made a plan to walk our last 10 miler, decorate t-shirts, and figure out how we were going to win the tent decorating contest. I arrived around 9AM ready to walk. Upon leaving her house Tracy asked where I wanted the hill, at the beginning or the end. Knowing me as she does, I am sure that she assumed it would be at the beginning--and it was. I still hate hills and wanted to get it over as soon as possible. The hill that she was talking about was the one in her Finding New Motivation blog. It is definitely bigger in real life; the pictures do not give it the respect that it deserves! But, because Tracy is my friend, we went in the other direction, so the hill was not as bad. Along the 10 mile route we only stopped twice--once for Powerade, and once at Stop & Shop for the restroom. It was a really great walk. The weather started very murky, "pea soup" as Tracy called it, but then it began to burn off and became sunny and hot. Upon arriving back at Tracy's house I cooled off in the A/C--thanks for leaving it on Tommy, and jumped in the shower while Tracy made me one of her amazing salads. It was so yummy. You see, after I walk I am disgusting. I am always hot and sweaty. It doesn't matter if it is warm or cold out. I am convinced that my dear friend Tracy does not have sweat glands. She can walk in any type of clothing and not get hot. The only downfall is that it makes for more restroom trips because she doesn't sweat it out. After yesterday I now know where the bathrooms are in Michael's, and A.C. Moore in Natick.

After lunch we headed out for tent decorating supplies. But first, Tracy wanted to take me by the place where Opening Ceremonies are. It is literally .76 miles from her house! I will be meeting her at her house around 5:30AM on Friday and we will follow each other over. As we pulled up to the site, we saw everything. The stage is already set up, and there are several trailers with giant 3Day signs on them. "Holy Crap!" to quote Tracy. This event is Friday!

After a few deep breaths, we went to the craft store to find decorations for our tent. Have you ever tried to decorate a tent? It is really difficult, because there is no place to hang anything. Not only do I have to decorate one on Friday, but I have to do it for my daughters' birthday camp-out tonight! Luckily Tracy and I have some great ideas. We don't want to give away any secrets, but our tent is going to be awesome. We'll be sure to post lots of photos. Anyone have any ideas for tonight's tent decorating extravaganza?

The rest of the afteroon was spent designing t-shirts. The challenging part of designing t-shirts is our team name--Teacher's for Ta-Ta's. I have already had the discussion with my almost 10 year old son that the only time it is appropriate to call breasts "ta-ta's" is during the 3Day. He just giggled the way any other boy his age would. On the shirts for my parents and Andy, it was okay to put our team name, but we wanted to be sure to have a design that was a little more adult and classy. We didn't really want to put our team name on the kids' shirts, because they would not be able to wear them again, so we spent a lot of time figuring out what to do. Tracy is so good on the computer, and was able to put all of our ideas together. Both sets of shirts are fabulous and appropriate too.

Our t-shirts--definitely NOT appropriate! I can't imagine wearing it any place other than the 3Day, for fear of being thrown in jail--JK. I cannot wait to be able to post a photo of them. They are absolutely hysterical. Tracy and I could not stop laughing the whole time we were making them.

I didn't end up heading home until just before 7. AZ and I didn't get to go out for dinner, but were able to relax on the couch. He even watched Twilight with me. Those of you who know Edward Cullen realize how sweet my husband is to let me spend the evening watching him. I think I'll keep him for another few years, at least.

My hope is to try and write a blog every day this week. My wise words for today: If you ever get the opportunity to come to the 3Day you should--especially this year to cheer us on. The things that people wear are a riot. Mind you, it is not a place for the modest. There are boobs everywhere! It is a total blast--my kids think it is the best. More importantly, it is very moving--something that should be experienced at least once. Hope to see you there!

Ta-Ta for now!

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