Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Countdown Begins

Well, I have finally recovered from my daughters' birthday camp out. After postponing it a day, the weather cooperated, and the kids loved it. It was a great group of girls. For many of them, this was their first sleepover. We started the evening by going on our inflatable water slide, Banzai Falls. The girls enjoyed it so much that the screaming could be heard at my friend's house down the street and around the corner! Sorry again, Kathleen! After they got changed, they ate pizza and started their crafts--making camp visors and bug catchers. Shortly after that we had a special visit from the Seacoast Scarlet Divas when they arrived to take our flamingos away. Confused? The Divas, part of the Red Hat Society, are doing a fundraiser for the local Relay for Life. If you make a donation, they will come after dark and place 2 dozen flamingos on your front lawn with a sign saying, "You've been flocked!" My mom thought it would be great for the girls to wake up the day after the camp out to a yard full of flamingos. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate and the camp out was postponed. The kids were still surprised when they woke up in the morning, and it was great that we got to take pictures with the Divas. It was definitely a highlight. After the Divas left, the girls had a bug hunt, continued with cake, ice cream, and presents, on to roasting marshmallows, and ended the night with sparklers and a dance party. Everyone was asleep by 11:00, which I didn't think was too bad. Andy and I had a 2 person tent that we were sleeping in next to the girls in case anyone needed us in the middle of the night. I bought a new fleece sleeping bag for the 3Day and thought it was a great time to test it. Laying down to go to sleep at around 12:30AM reminded me how much I hate air mattresses. I have a queen sized one, and every time Andy rolled over I got jostled around. Trace, I hope you don't roll around a lot in your sleep! It took a while to fall asleep, only to be woken up by Andy changing positions. Once I was awake, I realized that I was cold. Laying there for the next hour I kept thinking about how much I wished I had my regular sleeping bag. I tried everything, and was still not able to stay warm. I had really hoped that this sleeping bag would work out well because it is so small. The packaging said 50 degrees, and it was only about 60. At 3AM I turned to Andy and said, "This sleeping bag sucks. I'm freezing. I'm sleeping in a tent all next weekend. I'm going in the house. You can stay out here." He just said okay, and into the house I went. I got a good 3 hours of sleep before the girls woke just before 6AM. I am sure this made for some cranky kids the next day, but I really feel it was worth it. All the kids were saying how much fun they had. Isn't that what it is all about? Our dear Maddie fell asleep on the couch watching a video the next day. She slept for over an hour and was still exhausted after soccer.

After going to bed early last night I have recovered. I woke up this morning thinking that I can't believe the 3Day is only 3 days, well almost 2 days away! With it being a month earlier this year, it has come up so quickly. My girls kept asking when we were going to make signs. As I have said before, my kids really enjoy this event. Last year we had some of the best signs--just check out my earlier blog "Here's to Hallmark Holidays." This year will be no different, so it was off to get poster board early this morning. Zach was thrilled when a friend called, and he didn't need to partake in sign making. He is so not into anything crafty. He dislikes painting, drawing or anything artistic. To the girls this was going to be an exciting day--paint, markers, stencils--what could be better? We worked on signs for quite a while. They are outstanding, and made with love. Again, however, they are top secret until after the event.

The last point I would like to bring up is something that I have mentioned before. You have heard both Tracy and me say that when something happens to one of us, the other sits there waiting for something to happen to them. When I read Tracy's last blog I could not believe that she had ANOTHER gallbladder attack. She was right, I immediately thought it was the black beans. When I talked to her later that day, she assured me that she was feeling better and she would not eat anything with oil or with bubbles. We joked about her gallbladder and my foot, and everything that we had to overcome during training. So this is where the something to me comes in--nothing major, but a pain nonetheless--I think I have a cavity. I just had a dentist appointment a few months ago, but a tooth on my left side is bothering me. I initially thought I would wait until after the walk, but it seems to be getting worse. Tomorrow morning will probably be spent driving down to Newton to have my tooth fixed. Exciting, huh. I keep thinking it could be worse.

Ta-Ta for now!

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