Thursday, July 16, 2009


Yippee! Thanks to all of my wonderful donors, today I cleared the $5000 mark! With the economy the way it is, I knew I would never raise the amount that I did last year ($7,600), but I am so excited to have raised this much. When I set my goal for this year, I set it for $3000--more than what I had to raise, but not so much that I wouldn't be able to achieve it. Once I rounded the $4000 bend, I secretly wished that I would make it to $5000. Once you reach 5K you receive a special legacy pin that you can wear during the walk. I know it sounds silly, but I really wanted that pin again. In all of my life I never thought that I would raise over $12,000 for something, but when it is your childrens' future that could possibly be at stake, you do whatever it takes.

The past few days were spent getting last minute things for next week. Yesterday I went to the tent sale at the New Balance Factory Store in Lawrence. They were having some great deals! 25% off the entire store. I got 3 shirts, a running skirt, and 2 pair of shorts all for $63! What a bargain.

Today I went up to the Kittery Trading Post and Dick's Sporting Goods. As I said in my last blog, this year I am using a windbreaker instead of a poncho. I was hoping to not have to use anything, but as of now, Friday doesn't look great. I know that it is truly too far out to predict, but I am obsessed with these days. Because I am using a jacket, I needed a new fanny pack, that is a bit bigger than the one I used last year. Finding a "lumbar" pack, as they are called, is no easy task. Most are either too big or too small. I think I have searched every website and still have not found exactly what I am looking for. You don't realize all that you have to carry on the walk. Here is a partial list: water bottle--to be refilled alternately with Gatorade every 2-3 miles, sunscreen--needs to be applied several times a day, Body Glide--to protect from blisters and chafing, socks--must be changed at lunch time, windbreaker--for those pop-up thunderstorms that New England is famous for, Band-aids--for the blisters you will get from the thunderstorms, moleskin--also for the blisters, because Band-aids won't stay on your feet when they start to sweat, scissors--to cut the moleskin, powder--to dry your feet from the sweat, cell phone--to call your friends and family to tell them you are approaching a cheering station, camera--to have your family take pictures of you and your sweaty teammates at the cheering stations, money--for iced coffee and ice cream, wipes--to clean your hands before eating the ice cream, identification--so everyone knows who you are, and lastly, insurance card--we don't want to go there. So, when I do my training walks, I have a smaller pack that I use; however, that pack is not big enough for the 3Day. Today, I found a pack that I think will suffice. It is similar to a regular fanny pack, except I purchased a water bottle holder to put on the belt of it. This is what I did last year and it seemed to work out well. I hope the same goes for this year.

At Dick's I purchased a sports bra, hat, capris and a wicking shirt. I didn't get the deal that I got at New Balance. Tracy and I are planning to get together in the next few days to decorate our shirts. Since we are Teachers for Ta-Ta's. our theme is, "How you like them apples?" Get it? I personally think it is very funny. On the first night of camp the 3Day staff give out an award for the best decorated tent--another pin that I really want. Tracy and I have some great ideas, and we are really hoping to win this one. From past experience, I think we have a shot. We'll be sure to post photos after the event.

The last item that I bought was a fleece sleeping bag. It packs up much smaller than a typical one, and chances are that it is not going to get below 55 degrees. Packing for the 3Day is an absolute nightmare! Your bag should not weigh more than 30 lbs. For those of you who fly, you understand this; however, when you fly you usually do not have a queen sized air mattress and pump in your bag. They are really heavy! You also need to have your sleeping bag and pillow either in your bag or attached to it; but, you cannot use bungee cords--they are a big no-no. The 3Day recommends that you use a duffle bag instead of something with wheels. Tried it and was miserable. Bringing the wheeled suitcase this year. Tracy has been generous enough to take the pump and put it in her bag. We also need to bring 2 tarps--one for over the tent, and one for under, and the typical--clothes, toiletries, second pair of sneakers, and flip-flops; however, this year for me it will be Birkenstocks. The kicker about all this, is that if it rains before you get back to camp on the first day, your luggage is sitting in the rain. The staff will eventually try to cover it with a tarp if it is going to rain for a long time, but it is strongly recommended that you pack everything in Ziploc bags inside your gear bag. My teammates tried it last year and fortunately none of their stuff got wet even though it poured.

Now that I got all of my gear out of the way, it is time to focus on family stuff again. On Saturday Andy and I will celebrate our 11th anniversary. I can't believe it. I so vividly remember the first day we met, but that is a story for another time. We were supposed to celebrate by having 10 of our daughters' closest friends sleep out in our back yard for their birthday camp-out--another reason I have been checking I really don't know what I was thinking sleeping in a tent two weekends in a row. Unfortunately, or fortunately, due to the weather, that has been changed to Sunday. Maybe AZ and I will get to go out for dinner or something after all.

Ta-ta for now!

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  1. $5000! You are a rock star! I am honored to be your co-captain, even if you have threatened to demote me on numerous occassions. : )
    You are an amazing mom, btw. I cannot believe you are camping out with the girls a week before the walk! I cannot wait to get decorating with you, roomie!