Thursday, July 23, 2009

Feelin' the Love

As I sit here listening to the rain fall, I am thinking that I really should be in bed now, but I wanted to get one more post in before I head off on 60 miles of joy, inspiration, courage, determination, and every other emotion that you can think of. I have been bombarded by words of encouragement from all over the country--CT, NY, FA, IL and even CA! I have the best friends ever!

I finished packing a few hours ago, and managed to get everything into my suitcase. My air mattress and sleeping bag are strapped to the outside. I don't think that it weighs over 35lbs., but it could be close. After that, the girls and I gave ourselves pedicures, hot pink of course. It was nice to have some special time with them. Even though I see them every day during the walk, I still really miss them. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be cold, so I am still trying to decide what to wear to walk--yoga pants or running skirt. What do you think?

All I can hear is the wind and rain outside. Damn, this nor'easter! It better stop raining by tomorrow morning. Don't they know we are trying to cure breast cancer? Mother Nature, could you at least cut us a break?

Considering I must get up at 3:15AM tomorrow, I would like to say, again, how grateful I am to have friends like all of you. You have shared so much of yourselves with me through your support. I truly appreciate it! You have helped Tracy and me raise over $9000 for breast cancer research. That is pretty amazing.

We hope to see you along the route this weekend, but if not, we know that you will be there in spirit. Be sure to check Tracy's blog for the latest updates.

Lastly, if you are local to me, check out The Daily News on Friday. My friend Courtney wrote an article about me, my experience with cancer, and my 3Day journey. I am looking forward to reading it.

Love to All! Ta-Ta for now!

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