Monday, July 13, 2009


Just yesterday my cousin looked at my calendar hanging on the door and couldn't believe how many things we have going on. Every single night it is something. Since Zach made All-Stars, he has a baseball game every night except Tuesday, never mind soccer with the other two. The girls had their seventh birthday on Saturday, and my dad's was on Sunday. So again, here's another excuse for not writing. One would think that because I am not working, I would be able to write more, but unfortunately that has not been the case. I have had to take on a new job at times. You all know that Andy coaches baseball, well, he has also coached the girls' soccer team for the last two years. This year, with All-Stars, there have been some conflicts between baseball and soccer; thus, Sherri acts as Asst. soccer coach for the girls' team, which is a hoot in itself, because I know very little about soccer other than you score goals--corner kicks, goal kicks--what's the difference? While I have been filling in for my hubby, my dear teammate has been writing up a storm. She has had so much to write about recently, especially in terms of her health. You should definitely check out Tracy's recent blogs. If you do that, then I won't need to write all about spectator information for the 3Day!

Good news is that my foot is feeling much better. Still not 100%, but about 90, which I can take. I went to the doctor today and he did give me a night splint like Andy has, and a prescription for steroids for the week of the walk. I am hoping that the steroids will not only help with my foot, but also the total body aches and pains which I am sure to experience this year, because I have not been able to train as hard. Last week I was able to turn it up a notch. I did a 10 mile walk, two 8 milers, and a 6 miler. Definitely not where I was last year at this time, but good enough so that I will be able to make it through. No sweep vans for us! On my first 8 miler last week, I walked in the rain--something I never did last year except for the day of the actual walk. I figured the chances of it raining during the 3Day this year were pretty good, so I needed to gear myself up. I had also gotten a new windbreaker, pink of course, and wanted to try it out. It worked out great. I didn't get too hot, and it kept me dry. I felt fantastic and didn't even stop at all. If it hadn't gotten dark, I would have kept going.

So the sometimes tedious training continues, even up until the very end, but the excitement for the actual event is really starting to get underway. When they posted the cheering stations the other day I got very excited. On the first day we are walking through Wellesley and Newton! These are places I know, not like Stoughton and Quincy last year. This means that maybe, just maybe, (hint, hint) some of our friends from Newton will come to cheer us on. You cannot imagine how motivating it is to see people supporting you. Ever since last year, I always honk at a group of walkers who are participating in an event--something I never did before. So, please, please, please make some signs and come out and see us!

Once I found out where the route was the first day, I began trying to find out where we were going to be camping. I can't stand surprises. My husband thinks I am crazy trying to figure out where we will be staying. "What's the big deal?" he says. What he doesn't understand is that when you are on mile 22 or 23 on Day 2 and you know how much further camp is, it makes that last mile much easier. See, the entire route is a secret because of security. This drives me crazy! Tracy has figured out that we will probably be walking the marathon route on the first day, on which she has been training for the last several months. This is huge! I think, but am not sure, that we will be camping at Bentley University. We know we are in a residential neighborhood, and are on Astro-turf--that's it, nothing else. The last cheering station on Day 1 is Newton, and the first on Day 2 is 7 miles from Bentley. On the second day, we usually do a loop ending back up at camp. The last cheering station on that day is in Lexington. It makes sense, doesn't it?

If you do decide to come out and cheer us on, we won't know exactly what time we will be arriving at the cheering station; however, Tracy, is hoping to send a mobile blog each morning of the walk to let people know of an approximate arrival time. She has even bought a battery charger for her phone. Can you believe it? She kills me! In the morning we will know how many miles it is to a cheering station, so we can estimate our time of arrival--obviously give or take a bit. Rest assured that I will not allow her to blog "en route" as it is strictly forbidden. So be sure to check her blog the morning of the walk.

Please start practicing your sun dances so that we have outstanding weather for our 3Day journey! It is right around the corner! 10 days and counting!

Ta-Ta for now! Off to coach soccer, LOL!

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