Friday, January 29, 2010

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

The last couple of days have been filled with two very important 3Day activities!

On Wednesday night the Tough Warrior Princesses got together at the Ale House to discuss some ideas.

First on the agenda was to order drinks--they had to be pink. After our drinks arrived, we immediately began talking about fundraising. When we first talked about starting a team, Patty was the one who suggested raising $20,000. She's the one you can blame for all of the emails asking for money! (JK Patty) Most people feel that fundraising is the most difficult part of the 3Day. It is something that you don't have complete control over. You can decide how far and how often you want to walk, but you can't decide how much your friends are going to donate. As I stated in my last blog, I really dislike asking people for money. It is especially challenging this year as Patty, Cheryl, and I run in the same circles. For this reason, we have tried to plan some events--one of which is a dance at The Polish Club in Amesbury on May 8th. Be sure to save the date! Last night Patty and I were chatting about it on the phone. We hope to have some raffle items and a silent auction. If anyone has anything they would like to donate, just let us know. I am super excited about this team and this event. We have a vibrant, spirited, and fun group of women (just look at Cheryl with her pink hair!) who will make this walk, and this dance, a really fun night. What better way to raise money than hanging out with your friends and having a couple of drinks? We also have some ideas of family friendly events for when the weather gets a little warmer. We'll be sure to keep you posted.

Other great news for the Tough Warrior Princesses is that we are now up to 5 members! Last week, Vicky's friend Tina decided to join us. Tina is a survivor as well! It is amazing to have such a small team, and to have 3 survivors on it. When you think about it, that is really cool. So now we are 5, but I am looking at us as 51/2. We have someone else who is also thinking of joining, but is not quite sure yet. I don't want to say her name, because I don't want to put any added pressure on her, but I hope that she decides to embark on our journey. It is such a huge commitment, mentally, physically, and financially (in terms of fundraising), especially if you have a young family at home. I've said it before, but if I did not have the amazing husband that I do, I would not be doing this walk again.

On Thursday night I attended my first Get Started meeting for the 3Day. I had never been to one of these before, and this time I was going as a volunteer. I met 3 great women, Sharyn, who is on the Cup Crusaders and works for the 3Day, and Angela and Pat, who are both on the Pink Angels--the largest team in the Boston 3Day (they have about 50 walkers so far!). It was great to hear other people's stories and find out their connections to breast cancer. We each spoke a little about why we walk, answered some questions, and watched a video. We also discussed fundraising and how it is so important to carry 3Day business cards. Sharyn got a $1000 donation from a doctor she did not even know because she happened to hand her a business card! I can't imagine her surprise when she opened her email to find the donation, and not know who this extremely generous person was, showing once again, breast cancer affects everyone.

By the end of the evening we had two more people registered to walk! Personally, I think that getting to that first meeting is the hardest part. If you are willing to journey out in the freezing cold temperatures battling black ice on a Thursday night, then you already have your mind made up that you are going to complete this walk. It was an enjoyable evening, and I am looking forward to Tuesday night in Methuen when Patty and Cheryl will be attending the meeting!

Royally yours,

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