Sunday, February 7, 2010

Eight was Great, but Seven is Better!

The number "7" is considered lucky in many cultures. This past week it has been for the Tough Warrior Princesses.

Shortly after I made my last post, the Tough Warrior Princesses moved up to #7 in the fundraising totals! Wahoo!

Last week started off really crappy for me. I felt like I was getting sick, but as all mom's do, I just trudged along. At work on Monday I really started to go downhill. By the end of the day I was too miserable to tour our new school! Can you believe it? After my hour drive home, I walked in my house with chills and a fever. Unfortunately, I spent that evening and most of the next day on the couch.

By Tuesday evening I was starting to feel better, which was good because I had a Get Started Meeting with Patty and Cheryl. I really wanted to go because they were going to be there. If it were just a regular meeting I probably would have stayed home. I'm so glad that I went. We all shared our stories about why we we walk. Again, I can't say it enough, how much this disease affects so many families--to think that 1-8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Look around at your best girlfriends. One of you will be diagnosed in your life time. Very scary.

As soon as Patty started talking at the meeting, Cheryl started crying. This is something we all joke with her about. Now, Cheryl will tell you that she is an emotional basket case, but what she does not tell you is that she is also an amazing cheerleader. Personally I wish I could be that comfortable to let my feelings out. Cheryl is going to make this year a special 3Day. Every year I have always tried to keep my feelings in check, but she gives me permission to let them all out. Thanks Cheryl! xo

Another moment during the meeting that got us a little teary eyed was when Patty walked up to a young woman who lost her mother to breast cancer last year. The woman looked to be about the same age that Patty was when she lost her own mother. Patty knelt down beside her and softly spoke about how she wished that she had as much courage as this young woman does to do the 3Day at her age so soon after her mother has passed. I was so proud of Patty. It takes a lot of guts to walk up to a complete stranger and share your deepest feelings. That moment is what the 3Day is all about. Over 3 days there will be more just like that--different women, similar story. It is one of the many reasons why I walk.

So Wednesday night I had book club, and was so exhausted, both physically and emotionally, I really didn't feel up to going. Boy am I glad I did. After a meaningful discussion of what heaven means to us and debating over the ability to make peace with yourself (we were discussing The Five People You Meet in Heaven), we broke up into our little conversations. It was at that time that my friend Gretchen started asking lots of questions about the walk--time commitment, training, the actual 3 days. She then told me she was thinking about doing it with us. I was ecstatic! I have really gotten to know Gretchen better this year, and she is a really fun person who can tell great stories--what an asset to our team. Gretchen said she has not personally been affected by breast cancer, but has had to face many other forms of cancer within her family. Cancer is cancer, it doesn't matter what kind. I told her she could look over my Walker Handbook to get more information.

On Thursday evening I received an email that Gretchen was in! Maddie and Mia were thrilled and immediately asked if Ella, Gretchen's daughter and Maddie and Mia's friend, could come over and help make signs. Even better news was that my friend Theresa from my book club decided to do it too! Theresa is a teacher with Gretchen, and I just met her a few months ago. I'm sure this journey will help us to get to know each other better. Then on Friday, Tina officially signed on. So now we are seven, and 3 of us are survivors! Lucky seven, but eight would be great too!

Think about joining us!

Royally yours,


  1. Alright Sherri! So glad your team is growing. You guys are going to be so successful and most importantly, have a blast in the process!
    xoxo Cuch (your anonymous SIL). :)

  2. You're right it doesn't take much to get me crying.. just put on a Hallmark commercial or a 3Day commercial and it's water works... somtimes I wish I could hold it in but alas.. to no avail I cannot... so you'll all have to put up with me in tears the whole 3 day beginning to end :) Heck maybe some of you will join me in the fun... can you say pink hankies ?