Friday, May 29, 2009

How can it be?

So I originally started this blog a bazillion days ago when I found out that I had plantar fasciitis. It never got published because since then my life has gotten a little crazy--something new and different, right? If you follow my blog, or Tracy's blog, you have heard us mention our colleague, Bob Mitchell, a dynamic Latin teacher who passed away just over a week ago. Being the third faculty loss this year, you can imagine that NNHS was reeling. I was finding it difficult to be able to sit down and write. Unfortunately things became more chaotic when the Newton North community found out that we lost yet another vibrant faculty member over the weekend, Ucal McKenzie. Some of you may have heard about him on the news, or may have even read about him. Ucal was a guidance counselor and soccer coach at our school. His passing at the age of 32, was a shock to say the least. He had an infectious smile, and was able to connect with all students and staff alike--even those he had little contact with. The sorrow at school this week has been almost unbearable at times. Every time I went to sit and write, I just couldn't seem to say what I wanted to. It didn't feel comfortable talking about me, and I couldn't find the words to express what I was feeling. Click here to find out a little more about these phenomenal people, Ucal and Bob.

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