Friday, May 8, 2009

To blog, or not to blog

First, I would like to start by thanking all of you for your overwhelming response to my last post. This is a really special time for me, and it has been great to share it with all of you. Just this morning I had someone say to me that it was the best post yet, and it has been a week since I have written it! It is amazing the power of words.

When I began blogging, I initially started because Tracy was doing it. She is the computer gal, and if she was doing it, then I should be too. For those of you who know our relationship well, you understand how similar we are. We have a long-standing joke that if something major happens to one of us, the other knows that there is something waiting for them on the horizon. I, however, have only had to call 911 once, well actually twice, and it was not for my children--just my fainting husband.

Another important thing about my relationship with Tracy, is that we challenge each other--in a good way. We are competitive, in our over-achieving sort of way, but we are honestly happy when the other does something better than we did. To me this is the sign of a true friend--one who is happy for you even if things do not work out the way they want them to. This is Tracy--someone who continually gives of herself to her family, friends, colleagues, and of course students. I love you Trace! You're the best!

So Tracy was my initial inspiration for blogging; however, over the last several months I have really started to enjoy it. Even though I am an English teacher, I don't write for pleasure like many of my colleagues. I don't feel I am very good at writing, and I don't believe I have a strong writer's voice. If my students heard me say that they would probably freak out. This blog, however, is different. I don't know when it went from being another "chore" on my list of things to do, to wanting to express my words on paper (well, computer screen, that is). I really enjoy it, and at times it seems therapeutic. I am amazed that people actually read what I write. I thank you all for that. At least someone is listening to me, even if my kids and students aren't! That being said, you will continue to hear more from me.

Ta-Ta for now!

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