Tuesday, March 19, 2013

TWP--Making the Most of Each Day

Here in New England you would have no idea that spring is arriving in just a few days.  Fortunately for me, I have taken this 6th snow day to freshen up my blog.  It has been long forgotten.  When I don't write, I really miss it; however, as with many things, I seem to get into a routine, and when I finally do sit down to write, I find everything in my power to procrastinate.  No more delaying.  I have LOTS to share!

Well, the 3-Day season is upon us.  It has taken awhile, but I am finally starting to get excited.  I don't know why.  It could be that it is different without Bridget at the helm of the Boston 3-Day.  This time last year I was getting frequent emails with requests for GSMs or other 3-Day events. I miss hearing from her.  She is such a trooper, still fighting the fight.  I admire her so much, being 29 years old and having more grace and dignity in her pinky than most people have overall.  She will be in my heart every single step of that 60 miles.

Many of you may be aware that this year's TWP 3-Day walkers will look a little different.  A few women in our group have decided to take some time off from walking to focus on our non-profit, which is growing so rapidly that we desperately need them to do this.  I appreciate what a difficult decision this was for them.  They have assured me that they will always be part of the 3-Day, and that the 3-Day will be part of them.  At first I was terribly sad.  I really couldn't imagine doing this walk without Patty and Cheryl, but then I thought about it.  We are going to have the best walker-stalkers ever!!!  Look out Pink Angels!  Cheryl and Michele did such a bang-up job escorting us on the Jimmy Fund Walk that I can't even imagine what the 3-Day will be like.

The most exciting news that I have to share in regard to the 3-Day has to do with Boston's Youth Corps.  Drum roll please...Maddie and Mia are members of the 2013 Boston YC!  Wahoo!  We are all so excited!  For those who don't know, YC is made up of twenty 10-16 year olds who crew the 3-Day.  They work at pit stops, set up tents, help around camp, and, most importantly, cheer on the walkers.  To be selected for YC is no easy task.  The girls had to write several short essays and have a phone interview.  Fortunately, they were selected out of 50 applicants!   It shouldn't be a surprise to me--they have been preparing for this role for seven years!  They have already started fundraising, and are doing better than I am!  Each one of them has to raise $500, but they hope to raise more.  Both girls are almost half way there.  I am such a proud Mama!  If you would like to donate to them, I have included links to their 3-Day pages:  Maddie's page, Mia's page.  If you are feeling generous, I am accepting donations too!  Just click the link on the side of the page.

In addition to all the 3-Day excitement that is building, Tough Warrior Princesses, the non-profit, is growing and reaching more people.  All the members of our Executive Board work full-time.  What was supposed to be a part-time gig has developed into so much more. We have had to evolve and change.  We are not just that group of women who walk for breast cancer.  We donate money to cancer research.  We educate the public.  We provide support to women affected by ANY cancer.  That support has been emotional, physical, and financial.  When I become overwhelmed with what the future holds for TWP, I have to take a step back and relish in all we have done.  So here is the highlight reel...
  1. TWP has raised almost $250,000 for research.
  2. We received our first grant last year!
  3. We had 3 unbelievably successful Silent Auctions
  4. Threw a Princess Tea Party
  5. Provided daily transportation to Dana Farber for a friend in need
  6. Provided daily meals for that friend too!
  7. Gave 20 survivor baskets to women
  8. We "Lit the Town Pink"
  9. Created Amesbury Cancer Awareness calendars
  10. Banded 30 people together 2 weeks before the Jimmy Fund Walk to raise $15,000 in honor of Emma
  11. Partnered with the YWCA in Newburyport
  12. Gave an extra-special Christmas to a young woman and her family
  13. Provided gift cards and financial support to several women 
Personally, I think that list is pretty impressive, especially considering I never thought I would be a part of something so meaningful.

The best part is that this list is growing.  We have two exciting endeavors in the works. First, I recently received an email from the Director of Programs at the Commonwealth Newburyport Cancer Center.  They want to develop a partnership with TWP.  This is exactly what we have been hoping for.  Through this partnership, we hope to assist more women.  Patty and I will be going on a tour of the facility next week and meeting to discuss our future endeavors.  We will be working together to plan a Survivor's Day Celebration scheduled for June 27th at the Firehouse in Newburyport.  We will keep you up to date as details arrive.  In the meantime, there is a great workshop scheduled for this week:

The second piece of exciting news began last week with an email from our friend CJ.  For those that remember our video, yes it feels like forever ago, CJ was a member of the production staff.  You may recall me talking about our film posse who followed us around those 3 memorable days in July.  CJ was our lead guy.  Our crew is honestly one of the main reasons that TWP came to be what it is today.  Without the exposure from that film, we would probably still be struggling to grow our membership and get our name out.  That film showed us that we truly can make a difference.  For that I am forever grateful.  As I sat in Trader Joe's parking lot that afternoon, ready to make the hour trek home from work, I decided to quickly check my email.  It was exciting to hear from CJ, but the reason we were hearing from him was even better.  CJ is working with a Florida based company called Just LiveJust Live is a lifestyle/fitness apparel company.  Their vision is to provide people with the inspiration to make the most of each day.  CJ's email was suggesting that we partner up with Just Live and make another video of the 3-Day!  While I was absolutely thrilled, I felt that TWP had changed in the last few years.  We are much more than walkers.  I believe there is a greater story to tell--many stories.  Who were we to turn down more fame, so we agreed to a conference call with Jared, the owner of Just Live.  A couple hours and another phone call later, we have struck up a partnership.  Both CJ and Jared saw what we see in the TWP.  They, too, recognized there is so much more, and they believe that we embody the mission and ideas of Just Live.  That being said, we are embarking on another new journey and partnership.  CJ hopes to share our story while promoting Just Live.  I have great faith in him and our future together.

So, the future is brimming with opportunity for the TWP.  I look forward to sharing this excitement with all of you!


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  1. So exciting, Sherri! I will be donating to M & M's pages! :) Love you!