Friday, July 15, 2011


WOW!!!  That just about sums it up.  I am having such difficulty finding words to express the emotions I have experienced today.  I cannot believe that I am part of such an amazing group of people.  If you haven't heard it by now, (those of you on Facebook, please forgive us for our 18 million posts that clogged up your news feed today) the TWPs reached our $100,000 goal!  This morning we still had $3,500 to raise and now we are at $100,292 and have an additional member!!!  Gretchen's brother decided to join our team.  Can you believe it?  I hardly can.  Earlier in the week we just surpassed the $90,000 mark.  When we started getting close, I became so consumed with this goal that my entire day was spent alternating between Facebook, posting how much more we needed and the 3-Day site, checking to see if our thermometer had risen.  In the last two days I have received over $400 in donations.  Simply amazing.  Social networking truly does work!  I have had my mom's high school friends donate to me!  These are women that my mom hadn't seen in over 40 years and just recently reconnected with.  The thing that shocked me the most were the donations that came in today from those who had already donated to other members on our team.  Having such a large interconnected team, people often have to choose who to donate to.  By becoming a non-profit, we will have the ability to divide funds among teammates.  I had two different people donate to me today having already donated to others.  One family has even donated to TWO others on the team already!  When something like that happens, it really makes you think.  I can turn on the news on a daily basis, and 80% of it is so depressing.  Then I can have a day like today, and the world is a wonderful place.  Again, I wish I could find the words to express what this day has meant to me.  All I can simply say is thank you.  My life has been changed because of every one of you.

Royally yours,

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  1. Congrats congrats!! I've been using FB and twitter and it's unbelievable how much it's helped. That, and I'm stubborn ;p Today I just reached my $5k mark - so humbled. I'll be there this weekend! I did a training walk on Sunday and went right by the 3 Day staging trucks. Stopped to say hi to some Komen folks. I'm SO excited.

    The weather? Not so exciting, but we'll manage. Congrats on meeting your goal!!