Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's not Blue Suede Shoes, it's Pink Suede Sneakers!

First of all, one final thank you to everyone who came out and supported us at our Flatbread fundraiser.  If you haven't heard, the final tallies are in, and between pizzas and donations, we raised over $800!  I think that is pretty impressive.  Thanks to all of you, the Tough Warrior Princesses have surpassed the $40,000 mark and are quickly approaching $41,000!  There is still time to donate if you haven't done so yet.  Just click on the link to the side of this page.

As many of you know through my Facebook status updates, the New Balance chaos continues.  When Patty and I signed on for this, I think we thought that a camera crew would follow us around for three days.  If I had just talked to my brother-in-law who is a producer for ESPN, he would have informed me otherwise.  It is a MAJOR production!  Hours and hours of footage.  I think I first realized this when I received an email with an agenda for our pool party.  Agenda?  Seriously?  What about hanging around the pool with a cool refreshing beverage?  The director of the shoot is even coming up on Friday to map out the filming locations!  The party starts at 1:00, but poor Patty.  The crew arrives at 9AM!  As I shared the agenda with Andy, imagine his surprise when at 11:30 it says, "interview with Sherri's husband."  I thought he was going to faint. 

Yesterday, the first of the boxes arrived--Sneakers--the most important requirement for the 3Day!  As you all know, this has been the major concern for our team.  We all received different kinds of sneakers, some walking, some running, but the majority of them were pink.  Patty and I received top of the line ones--pink 993's.  They are different than anything I have ever worn.  We will be walking tonight to test them out.  Be sure to keep your fingers crossed.  (We've been doing a lot of that lately, and it seems to be working.)

While waiting for the second package to arrive, I have been busy making decorations for our tent and also making Tough Warrior Princess pins.  The pins are adorable.  It is our little princess made out of pink and black pipe cleaners and craft foam.  We are hoping to hand them out to people on the route.  As far as our tents, we expect them to be outstanding.  We'll be sure to take lots of pictures. 

Late today our clothing arrived.  It is really cute!  Some of us got capris, others got shorts.  The shorts are absolutely adorable.  They are black with a little hot pink embroidered pocket on the butt.  Patty tried hers on tonite and I made her turn around and filmed her butt on our Flip.  I'm sure they will like that footage.  There are also black jackets for some of us, and white ones for others.  The team t-shirts will be shipped next week with our socks and hats.  So far everyone is very happy with our attire.

Speaking of attire, Patty and I went for our first walk in our sneakers.  They really are VERY pink.  I don't know if it is that they are pink so much, as they are just very boxy which makes them look even more pink.  I have large feet to begin with, and I feel like they look ginormous.  We decided to take a short walk to try them out.  We were both pleasantly surprised as we started out.  Besides our focus being drawn to them constantly, they felt pretty good for the first 2 miles.  After that I started to run into a bit of trouble.  Some of you may remember that I had surgery on a neuroma on my left foot a few years ago.  For this reason, I need to be very particular with my sneakers.  Not far into mile 3, it started to bother me.  Now, it could be that I was wearing inserts, or that I just have to break the sneakers in.  I loosened my left one at the top near my toes, and it did start to feel better, but it was still sore.  Patty and I kept laughing and joking about the sneakers and were looking at everyone's expressions as we walked by, wondering what they were thinking.  As we headed up through town, we turned the corner by the fire station.  It was a beautiful evening and we greeted the firefighter sitting outside with a "hello."  You should have seen us when he responded, "Hey!  Nice sneakers!"  OMG!  I thought we were going to pee our pants.  Where was the Flip when you needed it?  It was too funny! 

So early tomorrow morning I will try my sneakers again, without inserts this time.  After that we meet with Paul, the director of the shoot.  He is headed to Patty's to plan the set up for Sunday.  The rest of the day will be spent getting last minute stuff for the walk.  I'll keep you posted.

Royally yours,

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